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Academic Level / Area of Study Program Of Study Program Length Duration of Term(s) Program Type
MasterSciences Applied Psychological Science 2Year(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
College Diploma (DCS) Aquaculture 1Year(s) 13Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorArts Archaeology 4.5Year(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorSciences Biology 4Year(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
Bachelor Business 5Year(s) 14-16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorBusiness administration Business Administration - Accounting 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorEngineering Civil Engineering 5Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorBusiness administration Commerce 5Year(s) 14-16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorEngineering Computer Engineering 5Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorSciences Computer Industry - Internship option 5Year(s) 32, 52 or 64Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorCommerce Computer Information Systems 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
MasterSciences Computer Science 2Year(s) 16-32Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorArts Economics 4Year(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorSciences Economics 4Year(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorEngineering Electrical Engineering 5Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorEngineering Electrical Engineering, Computer and Communications 5Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
MasterArts Environmental Policy 2Year(s) 13+Week(s) Internship
MasterArts Environmental Policy 1Year(s) 13 +Week(s) Internship
Master Environmental Science 2Year(s) 12-18Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorBusiness administration Finance 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
College Diploma (DCS) Food Safety 1Year(s) 13Week(s) CO-OP
Bachelor Food Technology 4Year(s) 4Month(s) CO-OP
BachelorBusiness administration General 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorBusiness administration Human Resources 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
College Diploma (DCS) Information and Communications Technology 1 1/2Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
Bachelor Kinesiology 4Year(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorBusiness administration Management Science 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
College Diploma (DCS)Engineering Marine Engineering Technology 3.5Year(s) 12Week(s) CO-OP
College Diploma (DCS)Sciences Marine Environmental Technology 3Year(s) 12Week(s) CO-OP
MasterSciences Marine Spatial Planning 2Year(s) 12Week(s) Internship
BachelorBusiness administration Marketing 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorEngineering Mechanical Engineering 5Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
MasterPublic Health Medicine 12Month(s) 12 - 16Week(s) CO-OP
College Diploma (DCS)Applied technology Nautical Science 4Year(s) 8-20Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorApplied technology Ocean Instrumentation 4Year(s) 4Month(s) CO-OP
BachelorApplied technology Ocean Mapping 4Year(s) 4Month(s) CO-OP
BachelorEngineering Ocean and Naval Architecture Engineering 5Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
Bachelor Physical Education 4Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorArts Political Science 5Year(s) 12-18Week(s) CO-OP
MasterArts Political Science 12Month(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorArts Psychology 5Year(s) 12-18Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorSciences Psychology 5Year(s) 12-18Week(s) CO-OP
Bachelor Public Policy Analysis 12Week(s) 12Week(s) Internship
MasterArts Public and Applied Folklore 2Year(s) 12-18Week(s) CO-OP
Bachelor Recreation 4Year(s) 12-16Week(s) CO-OP
MasterSciences Scientific Computing 3Year(s) 16 or 32Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorBusiness administration Small Business and Entrepreneurship 5Year(s) 17/18Week(s) CO-OP
Bachelor Social Work 4Year(s) 12Week(s) Internship
Master Social Work 1Year(s) 500Hour(s) Internship
College Diploma (DCS) Technology - Nautical Science 4Year(s) 16Week(s) CO-OP
BachelorApplied technology Underwater Vehicles 4Year(s) 4Month(s) CO-OP
College Diploma (DCS) Water Quality 1Year(s) 13Week(s) CO-OP
Academic Level / Area of Study Program Of Study Program Length Duration of Term(s) Program Type

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